Häfele Showroom

Last weekend Dennis and I popped by Hafele’s showroom since it was very near my driving centre.

Public Service Announcement: Hafele showroom at No. 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 is closed for renovation from 11 July to end August 2016!

Hafele 01

But when they re-open in September, we were told they will feature 5 kitchen showrooms! Wow I love looking at pretty kitchens!! 😀 But if you really want to see how the old showroom looked like, you can check out their virtual tour here!

Random picture of sink because I kinda like recess sinks. They look so elegant with the right angled corners! The only problem is that you will have to hack the entire counter top should you need to replace your sinks! :O But seriously… who replaces sinks?!

Hafele 06

All the display items in the old showroom were on super great discounts so we bought this entire shelf of items. Hahahaha. #budgethomereno

7 pieces of toilet fittings for only S$133! Good quality stainless steel because it was so darn heavy to lug home. -.-”

Hafele 09

We chose to buy those items because we are most likely going for Contractors (as opposed to Interior Designers) so we would need to buy our own fittings, lightings, and furnitures anyway.

So happy we had a good deal! 😀

Oh and we also bought a hand shower set for… S$6!! :O Intending to put that in the guest bathroom.

Home reno is so fun!

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