Driving lessons 12 to 13

Lesson 12

I think I can get award for Most Gan Cheong driver of the year! Seriously I panic at every damn thing! 😦

So sad I didn’t clear my subject Driving Thru Junctions today. I know I was really nervous because my instructor Mr K wanted me to use the single hand on steering wheel method to turn, while my left hand is on the gear box. Ragghhh! Too many things to coordinate and only managed to garner 3 “great, this is perfect” out of like 10 tries!

What I learnt:

  • Things to take note at the traffic light: oncoming traffic, pedestrians and change of traffic lights
  • When lights turn green, inch forward until your shoulders are align with the start of the yellow box. Position right hand at 11 o’clock of the steering wheel and left hand on gear box.
  • When traffic is clear, move off while turning the steering wheel at the same time. Once car feels smooth, change to second gear and you should have made the right turn fully. Release clutch slowly and fully, accelerate and change to 3rd gear.

Lesson 13

Instructor was a little high and cray cray today. Haha. He was chatting with me the whole time and teaching me all sorts of new stuff like U-turn and vertical parking! :O

I told him I didn’t manage to clear Driving Thru Junctions with Mr K and he said not to worry, he’ll assess how I perform today. Surprisingly he said I did well! Perhaps he wasn’t too concerned about the tactical aspects. He said “if you can drive, you can drive!” Hahahaha.

Phew thankfully I am able to move on! 😀


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