Hanoi Day 2

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I did not finish blogging about Hanoi from last year. One year later I am trying to clear my backlogs hahaha. Pardon me! 😛

26th April 2015

TSC Train from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa)

Woke up to Vietnamese music playing through the speakers, and train attendants knocking on our doors while shouting “coffee… tea…”, and this view.


Tried to spot our guide amidst the sea of guides.


Arrived at our hotel shortly after.

Hanoi 03d


Sapa Lodge Hotel
Address: 018A Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Sapa, Vietnam

Breakfast with a view!


As our room was not ready in the morning, the hotel offered us a “wash up room” for us to have a quick shower before we start on our first activity. So thankful for this because we didn’t shower on the overnight train. 😛

Hanoi 03b


We witnessed how tough Vietnamese men were. Apparently a motorcyclist went past this “ticket station” without paying toll. The men in the booth immediately jumped on their bikes and went after that guy! So cool!


Gorgeous view! I love nature! 😀


I was impressed at our guides who could trek the mountains in plastic slippers, carrying babies on their backs. And their babies slept soundly too!

Hanoi 03c

Had to post this picture up (sorry baby :P) because eating fresh, cold sugarcane while trekking is da bomb!! 😀


The guides made this heart shaped wand for all the girls. So sweet!


We’re almost there! Well, not quite… 😦 Still have a long way to go before we get to eat lunch. We need to trek to the white parts of the photo!


Finally!!! Food and toilet break! 🙂


I’m amused because the toilet rolls doesn’t have the cardboard centre hahaha.


Took a short walk in the padi fields before a van picked us up and drove us back to the hotel. By then my legs were hurting! Saw kids helping out at the fields at a young age.


Hanoi 04d

Hanoi 04b

Thank you, Arl, for being such a happy and funny guide. We had fun trekking with you! 🙂


Checked in to our hotel and took a nap.


Woke up for dinner at our hotel. Also met our new friend, Chang whom we got acquainted with during the morning trek. Went to explore Sapa town with him and sat down for some beer and skewers!

Hanoi 04cIMG_0279

That’s the end of day 2! Stay tuned for day 3 at Sapa! 🙂


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