100% cash back??

I was doing my regular Taobao shopping over the weekend and was surprised to see my cash back on Shopback account to be 100%! :O 

Told Dennis and he immediately replied “oh my gosh have you accidentally carted out thousands of dollars worth of goods??!”

So much faith in me this guy! /:

But I still went to double check my Taobao account to make sure I didn’t accidentally cart out 10 pieces instead of 1 piece. Hahahahaha. 

I am very confident of myself too. 😛 

Dennis guessed it might be a technical error and he was so right!!! 

Got this email couple of days later. Such killjoy! 😦 

Dennis said he got #NOCInsiderInfo 

Hahahaha. So lame!! 

Side note: Dennis was part of the NUS NOC Programme and the founder of Shopback happened to be on the same Programme. -.-


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