A minimoon?!

So excited we just booked tickets to Korea!! 😀

We were discussing about the wedding (a little more than 3 months to go!) and jotting down all the stuff yet to be done. Quite a fair bit! /:

Like buying my ROM dress, buying Dennis’ suit, printing invitation cards, finding a JP and filing for marriage,  deciding which relative we “need” to invite, discussing about Guo Da Li stuff, etc…

It’s endless!! 😦

I like my dad’s idea though. He told me to sign the papers and go for a long honeymoon! No dinners, no ceremonies, no hassle. Love it!

Unfortunately we still got to stick to some basic tradition. Oh wells.

I casually mentioned to Dennis that we should take the weekend off. Go somewhere nice and relax – just the two of us. Since our house is not likely to be ready by then too. And he suggested to go to Korea!! WOAH!!!

I was of course so super happy!! Because I know he couldn’t take long leave (since he will be starting school next month) and he still insisted we go on a holiday. I was thinking to myself, if this is not a honeymoon then what’s it called? Pre-honeymoon? Minimoon?

I googled it and I was right!! It is a minimoon!!! 😀


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