Taipei, Taiwan 2015

Hi friends! I’m back to document my Taiwan trip last year. It was also the first time my girlfriends and I went overseas together! We have been trying to plan some kind of overseas trip since we graduated from Secondary School but they were always futile attempts! /: I’m so glad our trip came true last year!! And we’re planning a second one this year. Yippee girlfriends rock! 😀

We flew via Tiger as it was cheap! Budget airline ftw! Only $380 per pax inclusive of food. Check-in baggage was shared (i.e. we bought for 2 pax when we have 4 travellers).

Our trip summary:

Day 1 – 25th August 2015 (Tuesday)

  • Checked in at City Inn Hotel Xi Men Ding (新驛旅店 西門捷運店)
  • Dinner at Ya Rou Bian (鸭肉扁)
  • Free and easy at Shi Da Night Market (師大夜市)

Day 2 – 26th August 2015 (Wednesday)

  • Breakfast at Yong He Dou Jiang (永和豆浆)
  • Free and easy at Elephant Mountain (象山)
  • Dinner at Ah Zong Mee Sua (阿宗麵線)
  • Free and easy at Shi Lin Night Market (士林夜市)

Day 3 – 27th August 2015 (Thursday)

  • Checked in at Go Sleep Hotel (高絲旅時尚旅館-西寧館)
  • Lunch at Tian Tian Li (天天利)
  • Dinner at Formosa Zhang (鬍鬚張)
  • Free and easy at Wu Fen Pu Wholesale Market (五分埔)
  • Free and east at Rao He Night Market (饒河夜市)

Day 4 – 28th August 2015 (Friday)

  • Day tour at Jiu Fen (九份), Shi Fen (十份), and Yeh Liu (野柳地質公園)
  • KTV at Xing Ju Dian (星聚點)

Day 5 – 29th August 2015 (Saturday)

  • Brunch at City Star Dim Sum Restaurant (京星港式飲茶)

Yay! Done! Hope you find it useful and I’m going write posts for each day too. Stay tuned! 🙂



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