Driving lessons 10 to 11

Lesson 10

Argh annoyed! Instructor asked me to wait for him at the “middle staircase” and I went to where I thought was the middle. Ended up we waited for each other for 10 minutes and finally went back to the Main Carpark. He thought I was lost and vice versa. #caseofmiscommunication

He even asked his fellow Instructors if he should lodge a police report *rolls eyes*

Anyway I passed this lesson which is on Blindspots! I realized the lessons are very structured and sometimes ridiculous. Because imagine telling others that you are learning Blindspots at lesson 10!? And do you really need 100 minutes on Blindspots?? Haha. I guess the school just wants the student to have more practise.

Drove a slightly different route today – went to Ubi Ave 3 and there were so many cars!! :O

What I learnt:

  • Always signal first, check mirror then check Blindspots
  • Need to check when turning left or right (even at traffic lights), overtaking, or even when a car is stationary and you want to go beside it
  • Check when passing through chevron markings because vehicles can still pass you through from the side

Lesson 11

Oh my gosh lesson with Mr K again! And this proved to be the most embarrassing lesson thus far. I just want to hide my face!! 😦 I’m sure he will share the joke with his fellow Instructors in the coming days. Omg!

So what happened was, it was a night lesson and he was being fierce as usual (even though it’s Ramadan but after sunset can eat already!) and after his lesson, we had to switch sides (me going back to passenger seat and vice versa). And I don’t know if I was too tired, hungry, traumatised by him but I suddenly had night blindness and I couldn’t see where is the door handle!!! FML! He went out and was waiting for me and wondering what the heck was I doing still sitting in the car. He opened the passenger door and asked if I was ok. I told him “sir how to open the door ah?”

I swear he almost fell to the floor laughing!! 😦

He exclaimed “this is your what lesson?? And you’re asking me how to open the (car) door??”

Oh my Gosh dying of embarrassment right there!! T__T

Finally located the handle and quickly opened the door and stepped out with my head downwards the whole time. Walked over to the passenger side and he asked “do you know how to open this door??”

I replied, “yes yes this one okay..”

Anyway, back to topic. I passed this subject too (Kerb Side Stopping)! I thought I could clear 2 subjects in this lesson but Mr K felt that I need more confidence on the road. He said I got to step harder on the accelerator when picking up speed, and that he’s always by my side so no need to worry. Lol!

Mr K’s teaching method is very structured! I like it because it trains my brain to think step by step and not get gan cheong and forget everything. 🙂

What I learnt:

  • Steps to stop by the (left) kerb:
  1. Signal left, check rear mirror, side mirror and blindspot.
  2. Swiftly move towards the kerb and gauge stopping distance (about 0.5m away from kerb).
  3. Park the car then switch on hazard light, shift to neutral gear, pull hand brake, both feet off the pedals.
  • Steps to move off from the (left) kerb:
  1. Switch off hazard light and signal right.
  2. Left foot on clutch and right foot on brake, shift to gear 1, depress hand brake.
  3. Check rear mirror, side mirror and blindspot.
  4. When all clear, swiftly move to the center of the road, pulling away from the kerb.
  5. When speed reaches 20kmh, shift to 2nd gear. Turn off signal light if it is still switched on.

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