Annual LDR

Once a year Dennis is required to go to Manchester on business travel. I thought it wouldn’t make much difference because we usually only meet once a week anyways. But I realized with time difference, we don’t get to talk at all. I kinda miss talking to him now. 😦

I Guess we’re going Long distance for a short while! (: 

His gloomy view of Manchester. 

Haha it’s quite sad to be facing grey skies every day ain’t it? But on a brighter note, if it’s always raining then you can invest in a really cute raincoat! Think pastel pink with matching rain boots!! 😀 

Oh and this is Super random but I just gotta share! I was having an itchy finger moment and decided to depress the sink stopper. 

Guess what???

It got stuck! Probably rusty inside or too much gunk or something. But I was like omgwtfbbq means I cannot use the sink anymore??? #shortesthorrorstory 

Immediately went to Google for solution. Not before I take a picture of course! 😛 

Google says I just have to find one of these suction thing and suck it upwards. And it works!!! OMG!!!

I can’t believe it. With Google you can solve anything in the world!! Well maybe not poverty nor world hunger hahaha. 

Tadaaaa!!! *smug

Wah feeling so relieved I managed to fix it. Haha. 


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