Driving lessons 8 to 9

Yay these 2 lessons went relatively smoothly. I guess it was really the case of steep learning curve at the start. Because the hand and foot coordination is gradually becoming muscle memory and even when I need to brake abruptly, my feet went to step on the brake pedal immediately.

Lesson 8

Passed Gear Shifting! Didn’t learn much today but it was good practice on the road for me. More hours clocked on the road means higher chance of passing right?? #selfdenial

Lesson 9

Under Mr K for this lesson. He was very lenient with me, probably because he was fasting (during Ramadan). I later told him he wasn’t fierce today. He said even if I made 10 mistakes he wouldn’t scold me. Haha.

What I learnt:

  • Smooth braking – always tap on brake few times to slow down instead of at one shot
  • When the car is slowing down, always change to lower gear
  • Once car stops, change to gear 1 to get ready to move off

After the lesson he asked me how I thought I fared and if I should pass this subject? I replied yes. He said “Really ah? You think you did well?”

I said “Not bad but can be improved.” And smiled sheepishly.

He said ok he will pass this subject! Lol! Yay!! 😀


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