Driving lessons 6 to 7

I have to admit that I’m a slow learner. In fact I was beginning to feel like an idiot because both instructors noted that I was behind schedule. It was depressing to think that I might be one of the worst students around. 😦

Lesson 6

I finally finally passed my Steering Wheel Control component. Yaayyyyy!

What a huge relief because I was stuck at this subject for the longest time and stuck inside the circuit for like forever! /:

What I learnt:

  • Lane change – always check mirrors and blindspots, once clear, accelerate during lane change
  • Overtaking – similar to lane change
  • Sharp turns – release accelerator and if still going too fast, need to tap on brake lightly to slow down the car. Estimate the kerb using the black and white stripes on the kerb as guidance. Somehow my left turns always suck, maybe because I’m sitting on the right and my estimation is really bad.


Instructor also made me do reverse parking! It was surprisingly easy probably because he gave me all the instructions and I just had to follow what he said. I gave a ‘wow’ when I parked the car properly into the car park. Hahaha!

Lesson 7

I was finally allowed to explore the roads out of school! Yippee! It was way easier to drive in the main road because the roads are much wider and there’s more space (i.e. room to move about).

We went to some industrial area near the school to practise driving round and round. It was fairly easy because the roads are either straight or slightly bent. Good practice for gear shifting subject!

What I learnt:

  • Always shift gear when possible. Always, always!
  • Never drive in 1st gear! After moving off, once the car feels smooth immediately change up to 2nd gear.
  • When speed reaches 30km/h, change to 3rd gear. At small roads, drive in 2nd or 3rd gear.
  • When approaching stop sign or traffic light, shift down one gear. Unless it is a last minute/ late stopping then step on brake immediately.

Mr K took me again and as usual he was pretty fierce and told me I needed more practice so he didn’t pass this subject. Ganbatte!


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