The upcoming VCC (Venture Challenge Course) is a challenge not only for the candidates but the examiners as well. 

This is the first time we are revamping the camp (for me at least). From ASPIRe to VCC, indeed there are lots of changes. Though there are elements of the previous camp that we want to retain, we definitely want to align with 21CC (21st Century Competencies). 

The sad thing is, most of the examiners are at the “retiring” phase. Not entirely out of Scouting, but taking a back seat in running HQ events. Life takes priority. Scouting was a phase of my life that I will never forget. So does Guiding. Both have made me who I am today. Both gave me experiences which I would never otherwise have been through. Both let me make friends whom I now hold close to my heart. But we are all at this late-twenties age where marriage, house, babies take priority over Scouting.

Dennis and I seem to be the only people pushing for things to get done. Behind every camp, there is a group of leaders working hard to prepare for it. The endless meetings and discussions, the late nights of churning out the camp program, the mad rush to get logistics all ready. If you see the examiners taking a nap on the kitchen bench, do not blame us. That, on top of juggling full-time jobs. Some of us also run the school Scout unit. 

When I first joined the ASPIRe team, we were a group of formidable examination team. We debated over the assessment platform, the passing criteria, the camp conduct, just to make sure we gave our best. We did not want to compromise on the quality of a PSA (President Scout Award). After all this is a national exam. We want the best of the best, the Scout who is an exemplary example of a PSA. One whom the association is proud to crown. 

The strong team has since dwindled to the last few over the past 5 years. I’m sad that the core is no longer there. Everything else in life takes precedence. It would be tough for a revival. 

These days I see Dennis working hard, pushing for the new VCC. He wakes up early on weekends to get stuff done (and he usually doesn’t get up till noon on weekends). He just told me he is planning to take leave from work to prep for the camp. I was so touched by his hard work, sincerity and passion. He stays up late at night to churn out the nitty gritty of the camp and to finalise the logistics list. I wish I could help in some ways but I guess being his pillar of support is the best I can do for now. 

First VCC; lets do this! (: 


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