Hello June 2016

Wow it’s mid-year! Each year just passes by faster than the last.


Had a nightmare 2 nights ago that my new kitchen renovation went out of hand as I was too busy to monitor the progress. On the day that the kitchen was completed, I went to visit my new house and saw that all the cabinets are in the ugliest shade of dark brown! :O


I was contemplating to hack down the entire kitchen and redo it but it would cost us a bomb. In between anger, frustration and disappointment, I suddenly woke up and heaved a sigh of relief upon realising it was just a dream. Heh. I told Dennis about it and he burst out laughing!

You’re the Chief Designer baby! It won’t happen. Everything will be as what you planned!

Last night I dreamt of Renee! It was a strange one because we were at some sort of empty mall and I was kneeling down beside a bench and someone brought Renee to my side. We were playing happily and she requested for a soft toy. There wasn’t any in the mall and I randomly found a Mickey Mouse on the bench beside me. Handed over to her and she was squealing excitedly. Hahaha. Dreams are funny.

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