It’s Gonna Be Okay

Dislike wedding planning, right from the start.

Don’t understand how anyone can be excited about the big day. I’m clearly dreading it like it’s dooms day.

Argument with Dennis over guest list.

I can never win him. Not in this life. Probably not in the next either.

I’m as guilty as him about not inviting close friends to witness the special occasion. Every time someone dear to me asks, “When’s the big day? I’m jotting it in my calendar”, I die a little inside.

I know how much my friends want to see me getting married. I’m one of the first few in 3 of my close cliques. In fact, I think they’re way more sincere in their wishes and blessings than some of my relatives. Unfortunately for personal family reasons, I have to restrict the day’s event to a minuscule one – family only.

Am I living my life for the sake of the people around me?

Most of the time my decisions are based on what others tell me. I value the happiness of my friends and immediate family a lot. And that drives my own happiness. I’m happy when I can make them happy.

If I could, if I really could, I will sign the papers in front of my dad and brother (because I think that’s all they want to see). And I will hold a big, fun, and fancy party for my close friends. Complete with confetti and champagne, of course.

A girl deserves to can dream. Right?


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