Life lately, May 2016

Finally! A weekday where I get a break from night calls. Beginning to get rather tired of it. No joke, every Monday to Thursday 8pm to 9pm. It’s a mad rush because I usually reach home at 7.30pm, switch on my computer, serve up my dinner, and dial in to the call while trying to down my dinner. Thankful for daddy who makes it a point to cook every day if he can. 

Today my US counterparts are having Memorial Day weekend so they cancelled the call. Yayness!! More time to finish my work! 😀 

Also spent the weekend discussing home plans with Dennis. It’s so exciting to model our house with IKEA home planner! We’re planning on a craft/ work room. Even though I’m a Super hoarder I hope that I can destash as many items as I can before we move into our new place. I would like to be a minimalist crafter. Is there such a term?? Hahaha. Dennis thinks it’s impossible to craft with little supplies. Imma prove him wrong!! Anyway he modelled the kitchen using IKEA home planner. It’s a very useful tool if you’re planning to buy stuff from IKEA! Should give it a go. Quite straightforward to use as well. A little laggy sometimes though. Thanks b for doing all the work while I just give my feedback. Lol!

Also planning Bangkok trip with my besties!! Second trip together and so looking forward. Love planning stuff! I hope this hotel is as good as it looks on photos! 😀 

Mass art jamming at the workplace today with young artists from Little Art Academy! 

I also successfully completed No Spend May! Well technically we are one day away but I’m sure I won’t buy anything tomorrow. Oh, No Spend May only applicable to craft supplies like stamps, inks, dies, papers, etc. Now should I embark on No Spend June too?

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