Decisions, decisions 

That’s the downside about being an adult. You’re thrown in situations where you need to make life-changing decisions that may have consequences almost too serious to handle. 

A couple of days ago I received some news at work that require me to make tough choices. /:

Then I take a step back and realize that how inconsequential my decision will be, relative to other things that may change the world. Anyhow I have sort of 80% decided. Went Pinterest surfing and found this quote which is so apt right now. 

Sometimes I wonder why Dennis and I are so different from all our other friends. Are we from a different planet or something?? :O 

I’m also very pleased we found each other. The very person who completes me. 🙂

We had a potluck session this week for the May celebrants. I like that we get together once a month to celebrate birthdays + big group lunch. We had way too much food and ended the session on a high because we’re playing with Snapchat filters. It’s payback time for bosses as we disfigured them. FTL!

I’m clearly not an expert with the selfie stick cos you can totally see me holding the stick hahaha. 

I made devilled eggs which wasn’t as successful as I would like it to be. But no surprise there considering this is the first time I made this dish. My egg yolk mixture was too chunky to pipe. Sighpie. And I got so sick of peeling egg shells after the fifth egg haha. Okay la I think I got some points for effort because so many people bought ready made dish! ):


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