Saturdate: The Jungle Book, Shopping & Hotpot

Woots!! So happy because we haven’t been to town in the longest time and decided to pop by for some shopping. Dennis and I don’t really like going to town area because of the crowd and window shopping is a waste of time. We’d very much rather stay home and watch a movie, do our own things (usually I craft and he tinkers), or just go to a neighbourhood mall for desserts.

We caught The Jungle Book! 😀 I liked it! Storyline is just so-so but I’m a little biased just because of its relevance to Scouting. Also went shopping cos I needed to stock up on Ettusais products because they are moving out of Singapore by end of June. 😥

Whaaaaattttt Ettusais?! How could it happen? And there were no announcements on their FB or IG either! 😦 Guess I need to look out for replacement brands now.

And I was drawn to this Fossil wristlet because I’ve been thinking to change mine. It’s worn and faded now and I have been using it for 4 years! I like using wristlets for the hands-free strap and I like that this fits my phone, cards, coins, tissue too! Dennis bought it for me for my 6th year anniversary gift!!! 😀 Thanks baby!

Gone with the old and in with the new! Love love love this shade of red! 😀

Walked past Paper Market and I didn’t go in. Can you imagine?! That’s very unlike me because how can I resist scrapbooking shop?? /: truth is that I find local scrapbook shops very overpriced. I mostly join online sprees now (for buying overseas) or if locally I would buy from Mapletreehouse, Craft Lovers or Cotton Bunnies! Popped by Art Friend though!

Kind of fell in love with this watercolour sketch book!

Have been thinking of buying a sketch book like this so that I can practice watercolouring! I was going to buy it when Dennis said he’ll pay for it. Awwww! (:

Really appreciate his small gestures! I’m not a fan of bouquets, luxurious gifts, or Jewellery so I’m very happy when Dennis spends his money on things which I love! Thanks again b!

He also brought me to Crate and Barrel to get some home decor ideas. Oh my gosh love that place!! Like this Scandinavian wooden bed frame.

And this fabric one too!

Both are not exactly practical so we might not eventually get them. But so preeeeedy!

Settled for dinner at MK restaurant. I’ve never heard of this place but we chanced upon it at 313 and Dennis was craving for hotpot. So in we went!

Food was just average though.

Service was quick! Whatever we ordered through the ipad arrived in less than 10 minutes so that’s a big thumbs up. Downside is that service staff are not very friendly. We indicated to the waiter that we didn’t need the wet tissues (and also because we saw that it was chargeable at $0.30 each la), and could we please get it deducted from the bill? Waiter said we had to inform the cashier later. Ok fine. We went about eating our steamboat and called for the bill but we forgot to inform them about the wet issues. When the bill came, I told them I didn’t use the wet tissues but the guy simply said “I’ve already printed out the bill” as if to indicate ‘too bad for you’.

WTS!! -.-

Meat platter!

I have been making chicken macaroni soup almost every weekend for about 3 weeks now. Hahaha. I think I’m quite pro at it. 😉


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