Oh the horror

Woke up this morning from a dream – that my lady boss resigned. I have 2 bosses – one male and one female. If it would have been the guy I would have woke up feeling way over the moon!! But I love my lady boss! 

She’s the most amazing mentor one can ever ask for. She’s always patient (though if you ask the same questions 10 times she will give a sigh of exasperation and make you feel so so so bad but she’ll still guide you nonetheless), she’s also kind and considerate (if you have something urgent to attend to, she will allow you to take time off from work but she will also poke around like a busybody for the latest scoop), she’s always willing to share and protects her team members like a Mother hen. I’ve worked under her slightly over 2 years now and never once regretted my decision to join her team. 

So I was worried when I woke up from my dream. I thought it was for real. Let me pray that it will always remain a dream!! *shudders*

On the other hand I cannot wait for my other boss to resign! 😛

Can’t wait to catch The Jungle Book with Dennis this weekend! Yay!! 😀 have a fab weekend too. 


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