Miss this QT

Has it been 3 years? Or more? Since I last met Davian and Claudette?

Oh gosh I can’t believe it. The kiddos have grown so much that there was a tinge of sadness when I met them last night. Sad because it means I’m getting older. Haha. But I was so happy to see them growing up well and healthy. Very intelligent and considerate kids too!

There was a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when Claudette peeped into Meh’s house and saw me at the dining table. I think she might have let out a squeal too! She hurriedly opened the door and ran towards me with open arms! Omg how sweet is this girl!!! 😀 

I was beaming with so much joy knowing that she still remembers me even though I haven’t seen her in many years. Oh sweet princess. 

We forced Claud to stand in front because she has the smallest face. Teehee. Adults are evil. 😛 

And I had to dig out this photo from 5 years ago. Adorable little Claud. 

Didn’t take photos with kor kor because ehh boys in primary school are not keen to take photos with jie jie anymore right?! 😉


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