Thankful for Telephone

My good Friend, G who is overseas, suddenly texted me a very sad piece of news. That the Father of another good friend, M just passed on. I was shocked. And then my heart sank. Because I recalled that about 10 years ago, M’s mum passed on the same way too. Cardiac arrest. 

Within minutes I contacted a few other close friends and we arranged to attend the wake. It made me realize that even though we haven’t kept in contact with each other, our mobile phones, or rather, technology made it easy to connect once again. 

We can pass around a piece of information and within minutes the whole world would get to know. Compared to the days before telephone was invented, they had to pass messages in cakes?! :O very thankful that my friends are within reach just by picking up the phone. No matter where they are. Okay maybe not if they are in the middle of a jungle or up in the mountains.

Sad that it takes such an incident to get people to meet up. But I’m looking forward to catch up with old friends. 🙂 



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