Driving lessons 2 to 5

Hello hello! I thought I’d document my driving journey here since the nitty gritty probably won’t end up in my Travelers notebook. Here goes!

Lesson 2

You can read about lesson 1 here, where I failed to turn up in proper footwear and was denied the opportunity to drive! 😦 bummer! So technically I’m one lesson behind already!

My instructor is a Malay guy and my first impression of him was pretty alright. He was encouraging and quite detailed in his explanation. He even commented that I was a quick learner! Lol it’s only the beginning…

What I learnt:

  • Listen to the sound of engine and hold the accelerator at 20rpm without glancing at the accelerator
  • Release clutch till half-clutch (also known as the biting point) and hold it there for 3 seconds. This is crucial because if you release more than the biting point, the engine will stall. Ask me how I know?? Hahaha.
  • Clutch pedal is always leg movement while brake and accelerator pedals are ankle movements
  • Moving off and stopping the car; just driving up and down the Main Carpark
  • Stop before the white line. Wait till white line disappears from view then clutch in and step on brake. When the car has stopped, the white line should be under your side mirrors.
  • Changing from gear 1 to reverse gear and vice versa

Lesson 3

Instructor brought me in to the circuit (outer ring) and we practised going round the bends.

What I learnt:

  • Foot on brake pedal when car is turning
  • Keep within your lane at all times. One tip is to use the arrows on the road and use maybe the side of your car’s dashboard as a gauge.

Lesson 4

I was put into the inner ring of the circuit even though I wasn’t very comfortable. My instructor is the sort who would always let me try new things even though I haven’t mastered the previous skill.

What I learnt:

  • Gear shifting (up-gear and down-gear)
  • Slow down and stop at traffic junctions
  • Show your intention to turn at traffic junctions
  • Lane changing (check for blind spots, accelerate during lane change)

By lesson 4, most students should be out on the main road. But yeah, me being a slow learner is still stuck in the circuit. 😦

Lesson 5

My first lesson with Mr K. There are typically 2 Instructors for One Team students and depending on the slot you booked for, one of the two Instructors will be teaching you. I have been with Mr A for my first few lessons (sorry I can’t remember/ spell their names so I will call them Mr K and Mr A respectively hahaha) and he is an OK instructor just that he is usually 5-10 minutes late, and ends his lessons 5-10 minutes before time. Not a biggie for me but I guess having a punctual instructor is better.

So this being my first lesson with Mr K, I didn’t know what to expect and was in for a shock when he started testing my basics, i.e.

  • Demonstrate the biting point
  • Show me how to brake in first gear and second gear

I totally panicked and got them all wrong. He spent some time going through with me and it was a huge refresher because I now the fundamentals which is very crucial!

What I learnt:

  • In first gear, clutch in then brake to stop the car
  • In second gear, brake first then clutch in fully and quickly

Was quite depressed after this lesson because I still couldn’t pass my ‘Steering Wheel Control’ module. I guess the instructors really want you to excel at it before they pass you so that future modules would be easier. Oh wells…


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