Final Theory Test

Yippee I passed my FTT!! πŸ˜€

To be honest I wasn’t quite prepared because I didn’t read the Highway Code book thoroughly but I shall share some tips on how to pass!

  1. If you’re a school learner, register for e-trial tests. 3 sessions would be good enough to attempt all 10 papers (50 questions each).
  2. When I first enrolled into the school (CDC), the customer service lady registered 4 e-trial tests for me and she said that if I went for all 4, it is unlikely that I will fail my FTT. Fully agree with her!
  3. Only went for 3 sessions because I was late for one of it and decided to give it a miss.
  4. My first 2 sessions were back-to-back. I didn’t study at all; I just flipped through the Highway Code book 2 and paid attention to the words in bold (I assumed they were important and proved to be so).
  5. After the first 2 sessions, I made a mental note of those questions which I tend to get wrong and made sure to read up on those portions.
  6. Was late for my 3rd session so I gave it a miss and decided to brush up on my weaker areas.
  7. My weak subjects are:
    1. How the gears function and in what situation would you switch to which gears?
    2. Moving off and stopping
    3. Highway Code and right of way
    4. Traffic offences and their penalties (I couldn’t find this in the book and just googled the basics. This page is useful.)
  8. You would also want to pay special attention to these topics as they are frequently asked:
    1. Drink driving and its consequences
    2. Road signs and their meaning
    3. Definitions (centrifugal force, aquaplaning, skid, engine braking, tailgate, etc)
    4. When in doubt, always choose the safest (and sometimes ridiculously conservative) answer
  9. On my 3rd session, I made sure to finish the last 4 e-trial papers so that I would have attempted all 10 papers. #kiasuSingaporean I was happy that I managed to pass 3 out of 4 papers! #confidencelevelup
  10. For school learners, you get to register for 6 free e-trial sessions. Go ahead and book all of them if you’re not confident of passing.

Hope this helps and good luck ya’ll! πŸ˜€

Now I need to work on my practical driving.


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