Silly Xiangang Speaks Singlish 02

Technically XG did not say this but it’s way too hilarious!! 😀

We’re having a little seat reorg at the workplace now, and needed to do some labourous chores like packing stationery, utensils, boxes, etc. A few of us were packing in the utility room when this happened:

XG: I need to take off my shirt.
All the girls: What??!
XG: *removed his jacket*
All the girls: *rolls eyes*

  1. Hey XG I know you have 8 pack but please be gentle otherwise it will tear! (Referring to this act of throwing ring binders into plastic bags)
  2. Okay do it slowly! (Because he was throwing files way faster than we can catch)
  3. And you need to put one in, one out, this way. (Binder rings need to be stacked in alternate direction so that they won’t slide off)
  4. Enjoy the process yeah? 😉


And after we were done, I went back to my seat and saw XG’s jacket on my desk.

Me: *holding up the jacket* you left this at my place!
XG: Oh, it’s intentionally! 😛

Hahahahaha, seriously these people bring colours to mundane work. 🙂

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