Scouting is beautiful

Scouting is Education. 

It is not just about pitching tents, cooking in the outdoors, and singing campfire songs. Through these activities there are so much more to learn. Other than the technical know-how’s, do we not learn about teamwork, perseverance, grit, self-confidence, etc?

I think Scouting is beautiful because it is an education system that uses the Scout method to teach. It is beautiful because the leaders have the flexibility to impart skills and knowledge while nuturing youths. It is beautiful because there are no hard and fast rules, no clear Yes or No answers, yet we always manage to find solutions. It is beautiful because the leaders are not governed by laws yet they do not break the rules. 

So I get very upset when I hear of leaders or teachers who try to find loopholes in the system. Yes, it works for corporations but not for education! 😦 while it is true that being manipulative has its advantages in the society, I feel that this should not be used in the context of education. For example, finding the easiest route and quickest way to earn a badge. I’m disappointed some leaders are advocates of that. Where lies the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when you are just out to earn as many badges in the shortest time possible? Some argue it is not wrong as time is precious and it is just one of the strategies they employ. /: so so sad… That’s what ruined the beauty. 


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