The best for my child 

Had a recent conversation where someone mentioned he wanted to volunteer at a renowned Primary School to increase his son’s chances of entering the school. FYI, his son is one-year old and the Primary School entry age is 6 or 7 years old. 

Being curious, I asked the reasons for doing so. Though obvious that every parent want the best for their children, but what exactly is ‘the best’?

It got me thinking…

How would a parent know what’s best for his/ her child when the child is only one-year old? At an age where he/ she barely knows how to converse in proper sentences, how do we determine that that school is the best choice for him/ her? Is it due to what society deems is the best because of the caliber of top students produced in a particular school? Or is it because of the opportunities available in that school which I want my child to be presented?

To be honest, I am not for enrolling my (unborn) child in the best school. Haha, fancy having this thought when I’m not even married, much less have a child. Maybe my decisions would change after having a kid. 

Of course I want the best for my children but I do not think that the best has to lie in enrolling them in the best schools. In fact, I want to do my best to give them the best. Could it be the lack of understanding about what education is, that led parents to believe that the yardstick for best is determined by what societal norm dictates? To put it simply, just because every other parent think that this is the best school for their child, hence it must be also the best for mine? 

Each child is unique and thrive in different environments. Which is why I am willing to sacrifice holding a full-time job to understand my children, to nurture them, to bring them up to be useful people of society; not just being the best. That said, would I be deem a bad parent if I don’t give my children what society thinks is the best? Would I be judged if I don’t partake in parent volunteer just to increase the chances of enrolling in a good school? /: hmm… Food for thought this weekend. 


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