First driving lesson

What a bummer!! I wasn’t allowed to start driving because I wasn’t wearing covered shoes.


So yes, another $82.39 wasted on my first lesson because I wasn’t allowed to start driving.

And to top it off, I was 10 minutes early for my lesson and happily waiting at Section 2 (CDC’s designated area for all learners to meet their Instructors) but didn’t see my car at all! Suddenly at 10.20am, all the cars started driving off and I noticed my car drove off without me! It was parked at the far end, out of my sight. Was so upset with the instructor because I saw another car still waiting at Section 2 as the student hasn’t arrived. So I went to the Main Carpark and found the car and instructor waiting.

He was very strict and the first thing he said was “you’re wearing slippers so not allowed to drive today.”


And then it dawned on me that driving and I have a special relationship. It hates me!! 😦 now I’m expecting every stage to be a nightmare.

He tested on my induction knowledge by asking the proper terms for all the controls and I couldn’t remember most of them. To be honest I didn’t think the names were important so I didn’t bother remembering them?

Le sigh.

I guess he felt bad asking me to go home so he parked the car and revised the induction with me. And gave me an hour’s worth of theory lessons, complete with small quizzes like “what should you do in X scenario or Y scenario?”

Thank goodness most of the questions were logical and straightforward. I think he started to have more confidence in me hahaha! He even told me I would be able to pass within 3 months if I consistently go for lessons at least twice a week.

Alrightttttt let’s do this! *fighting*


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