Silly Xiangang Speaks Singlish 01

I’ve decided to write on a new topic because my colleague Xiangang (we call him XG) says the most hilarious stuff! I could be texting while on the way to work and laugh till my jaws hurt by the time I reach the office. So here goes little snippets of our conversations because they’re just too funny not to be documented!


While we were snacking,
XG: Hey what about your bra?
Me: What?? O.o
XG: You didn’t offer your bra some snacks?
LL: Eh XG, bra is something a woman wears!
Me: *ROFL*
XG: Brian is your bra right??
Me: OMG XG! It’s bro not bra!!
(because he assumed bro is pronounced as ‘bra’ since brother is ‘bra-ther’)


Midway through a conversation,
XG: Left is right, right is wrong.
Me: Hahaha omg! Seriously XG is very crappy!
XG: What does it mean?
BR: Crap = 螃蟹 (crab in Chinese)
Me: Do you want black pepper crab or butter crab?
XG: No chilly?
Me: 冷盘? (referring to appetiser, but literal meaning is ‘cold plate’)
BR: Cold crap?
Me: *ROFL* my jaws are hurting…
XG: This is the magic of Singlish & Chinglish & Singese

Seriously what in the world is Singese??? 😛


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