Driving Induction Course

Hello friends! Went for my induction course today and it was kind of… A waste of time and money. If I could put in bluntly. 😦

Anyway I shall document my driving journey on this blog and hopefully it will be useful to others!

I was 40 minutes early for the course (surprise surprise because I’m never this early for anything!) Thankfully there are plenty of seating/ waiting area at CDC. There are 3 students (including myself) and the instructor. The 50-minute course ended in less than 30 minutes so it costs more than $1 per minute. Omg if this isn’t daylight robbery I don’t know what is!! 😦 I paid $34.24 for this course by the way! And it’s a mandatory course as a school student.

What’s covered in the 30-minute session:

  • How to get in/ get out of a car,
  • How to adjust your car seat,
  • Basic controls of the car (e.g. Signal lights, wipers, handbrake, etc)

To be honest, you could get your Friend, Boyfriend, Husband, Father, or anyone who is a driver to briefly explain the above. Oh well, hopefully my driving lessons will be a breeze!

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