I never lose

I either win or I learn.   

Best quote of the week. 

Because seriously, the past 7 days had been a roller coaster ride. I was trudging my way to work Every. Single. Day.

My team-mate has resigned and I was to take over 99% of her work. Plus my current work hasn’t been offloaded. And to top it off, I was asked to cancel/ shorten my leaves next month. Well, almost! ARGH! I was devastated! Lucky for me this request did not push through /:

I’m so thankful to friends who were there to comfort me and hear me rant. Of course Dennis was extremely patient and sweet the past week. Perhaps these tough times are there to make me realize how lucky I am. 

Our Saturdate: curry rice and waffles with ice cream!    

 I reckon I don’t have much time to craft these days so I hopped on #letteritmarch to seek solace in brush lettering instead. 

 And a BTS picture of me shooting for an ad. (;  


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