When life throws you lemons

You drown in lemonade.


Last night was a total meltdown because I got so frustrated over work that I completely lashed out at Dennis even though I know it was unfair to him. I couldn’t hold it in. Tears just kept flowing while I stare blankly at endless rows and columns of data in Excel. Somehow everything wasn’t going smoothly and I felt helpless.

Being the sweetest boyfriend that he was, Dennis was trying his best to comfort me. He even brought me out for some fresh air today. We popped by a cafe for brunch but it was full house so we went next door for some Thai. It did not disappoint! Reasonably priced and generous portions.   

Nangfa Thai Kitchen

Address: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-166 S(460136)

And can you believe that I lost my footing as I entered my house and hurt my toe?!

Clumsy maximum!

I have a photo of my toe. I was shocked at how badly I hurt myself so I had to take a photo! :O

Not for the weak nor if you’re eating!




Jeng jeng jeng!  

Crazy right???

Complete with fresh blood oozing out of the wound. To be honest the pain was intense but I was still shocked to look down and see the sorry state of my toe. 

Alright, praying that the rest of March would be good.


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