BTO Progress

Hello friends! I’m not sure if I ever mentioned about buying a house on this blog before but I feel like sharing some updates here. Also serves as a place to document the process. I’m super excited about the new house and the new life that awaits.

First up, Dennis and I first applied for a flat at the end of 2012. For my overseas friends who are reading this, couples in Singapore tend to want a buy a new flat (or apartment) instead of a resale one. So we usually start applying for a BTO (build to order) flat even before discussing about marriage. Haha. We’d been discussing and we kind of like the Sengkang area since it’s midway between my dad’s house and his parents’. We applied for a 4-room flat at Compassvale Mast then, but were not lucky enough to get it. So we waited till the next BTO came. New projects were released every 2 months.

In March of the following year (2013), we saw another BTO which we liked at Sengkang. It was a reasonable distance away from the MRT so that was a plus point as we don’t intend to buy a car in the near future. We applied for Compassvale Cape and were lucky enough to get an appointment with HDB! So happy!

However by the time it was our turn to choose the unit, most of the good units were already taken. By good, it generally refers to units with rooms not facing the sun, on higher floors, and not facing the main road. But we still managed to get a good enough unit, so that we don’t need to forfeit our chance.

*Note: you can give up your chance of selecting a unit, however each couple is only entitled to 2 chances. If you are being called for a HDB appointment but you forfeit twice, then you will need to wait for 1 more year before you can apply for a BTO again.

We picked our unit at our first HDB appointment and signed the letter of agreement! Then it was the waiting game.

This was a model of the development placed at HDB Office.


Construction works began around September 2013, and we eagerly stalked the Facebook page as well as HDB website for constant updates via photos. The wonders of technology! And the laziness it has brought to us. Haha.

About 6 months later, most of the foundations were laid.

2014 03

One year on, September 2014. The structures are forming.

2014 09

At the end of 2014. Units were stacked atop one another like Lego blocks. In over one year, most of the blocks were already up! 😀

2014 12

Mid of 2015; exterior painting starts with a coat of white.

2015 06

December of 2015. Our block (left of picture below) is almost completed as we can see the slanted roof now! We are one of the last blocks in the development hence always one of the slowest.

2015 12

And, latest picture this month! The multi-storey carpark is well underway and there are even some shophouses beside the carpark! Most of the blocks are also painted. Excited!! 😀

2016 02


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