Linserts by Linda

Hi friends! Just popping in today to do a quick shoutout to Linserts by Linda Etsy shop!

So I first contacted her on Facebook because I wanted to get some Jamberry nail wraps and also inserts from her! That was on 26th Oct last year and since she was based in Australia, I thought I could save some shipping by having her ship the items to me in Perth (I was actually going to Perth for a short vacation in November).

On 31st Oct (5 days later), I had chosen my designs for the nail wraps and inserts and she sent me an invoice via Paypal. I paid for it and she went to order the nail wraps for me and also made the inserts I wanted.

On 7th Nov (7 days later), she told me that she was at the post office to mail out my items via express service. I was praying hard I would receive it at my Airbnb house upon arrival. However, when I reached on 10th Nov (3 days later), no signs of my package. I was upset and contacted Linda for a tracking number. There was no reply from her until 14th Nov and I had already thought my package was lost and there was no way I would be getting them. On 14th Nov, she replied that the package was still in transit and sent me the tracking number.

I was really disappointed because I was leaving Perth the next day (15th Nov, Sunday) and there is no delivery on weekends. But Linda was really nice to offer to send me the package to Singapore once it has been returned to her.

After about 3 weeks (8th Dec), there was no signs of the whereabouts of the parcel. Tracking information just shows the last checkpoint at one of the post offices in Perth. Linda offered a refund or re-send me the items to Singapore. Since it was such a long wait, I decided to opt for refund.

And then it was the holiday season and all of us got busy merry-making so I kind of dropped her a message once in a while and expected slow replied because of the festive season. On 1st Jan (more than 2 months since I first reached out to her), she told me that the package got returned to her on Christmas Eve. Phew! Thankfully it was not lost! 🙂

So I told her to ship them to Singapore and I will pay for international shipping (about $6) but Linda very kindly waived off the shipping charges. She mailed them to me on 7th Jan and I finally received it on 19th Jan! You would not believe my relieve and happiness when I opened the letter box!! 😀 Almost 3 months of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. But that’s the joy (and sometimes anger/ sadness?) of postal right! 🙂

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Linda for being ever so helpful throughout the past 3 months. Small business owners have the best service! Do support her shop!


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