January’s reads

Hello! I’m so glad to say that I’m on track for my read a book a month goal! Don’t judge me because I only like to read novels. :p

This month I completed Shopaholic and Baby!

I have been reading the Shopaholic series since my secondary school days and never seem to get tired of them. I love Becky Bloomwood for her positive attitude and always seem to get out of trouble miraculously. In fact I fell so in love with this series that I’m going to look for the next book at the library!

I also realized there is a movie made after Confessions of A Shopaholic. I am going to watch it like right now! 😀

I also completed I Soddit because I started it last year and was left with the last few chapters. I wasn’t that suck into this book because of the weak plot, although I really enjoyed the humour! The author is so good with punny jokes that left me laughing out loud while reading it.

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