Hydroponic gardening update

Hi guys! Popping in today just to give a quick update about my gardening progress.

Late last year, Dennis and I decided to germinate some seeds that were in our hydroponic kit. He got head start because he started a couple of days before me.

On day 9 of my gardening fun, some of the seeds had some mould growing so I discarded those seeds and transferred all of the seeds into one container, and sowed new seeds in another container (right side of below picture).

You can see in the bottom left corner that one beige seed was growing well! 😀 

I continued to give it lots of water and minimal light but by day 14, this was what happened!

Mould!!  And they were kind of gross because they turned all sorts of unsightly colours.

A couple of seeds sprouted and tried to grow but silly me covered the seeds in damp tissue so I guess they were crushed by the weight of the damp tissue.   I don’t think I would be able to salvage the seeds so I threw them away. Sorry seeds and seedlings. I will try harder!
Anyway here are some tips I’ve learned online and through asking around. I hope you find it useful if you want to start too!

  1. Soak seeds in water for at least 2-3 days before trying to sow them. This will accelerate the germination process.
  2. During soaking and germination process, ensure constant water supply (i.e. don’t ever let it dry out!) and keep it away from light. Put a lid over your container if possible. However the seeds also need air so leave a small gap.
  3. Once the seeds start to split, immediately transfer them to proper growing medium (e.g. sponge and leca balls). Try not to move them once they have spouted as the seedlings are very weak. Any movement can cause them to die. 😦
  4. Buy good seeds! The 2 types of seeds I have are not the best quality. I suspect this could be the reason why we are failing terribly at growing them.

Since I don’t have much luck with hydroponics, I decided to try the conventional method using soil to grow the 2 types of seeds and…




A potato!!


Hahaha yes don’t laugh but I threw a potato into my flower pot. I’m really hoping this will grow because lots of people say it’s easy to grow potatoes. And it suddenly occurred to me that the hokkien word for potato ‘kan dang’ is loosely used for ‘something easily done/ accomplished’. So is that what it means?! Growing a potato is super easy??!

I certainly hope so!

Seeds on the left brown pot, and potato on the right! (:


For newbie gardeners, if you need help you can check out Facebook groups SG Farming in Apartments and Hydroponics DIY. I learnt a fair bit from the friendly people there.

I also recommend Microgreens for beginners. I have just placed an order and yet to get started. I will update soon once I start planting them! I bought 4 types of seeds ($5 each) and Singapore local shipping is $2.

I’m determined to prove my colleagues wrong! They have now labelled me as ‘Qin the Seed Killer’. Oh my…

Till next time, happy planting! (:

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