Dennis’ 28th birthday

Happy birthday big love!! xx

Thank you for being a part of my life and I am so looking forward to our future together!

Yesterday we took the day off work to spend some time together since Dennis’ birthday falls on a Saturday this year and I’d very much prefer to stay home on weekends! Read: hate the crowd!

By his request, we visited Stranger’s Reunion for brunch. We heard the coffee is really good as Dennis recently got acquainted with Ryan Tan (founder of Stranger’s Reunion). A quick Google search shows that he is the winner of many barista/ coffee-making competitions! The coffee definitely did not disappoint!

We also donated to Sebastian (head Chef at Stranger’s Reunion who recently got diagnosed with cancer at a young age of 26). I get very emotional when I hear about cancer patients because I lost my mum to cancer and I really want to help in any way that I can. The medical expenses can be very overwhelming. I remembered our financial situation was terrible because the bills were in the thousands every month. It was a devastating period. 😦

Anyway, after we got our stomachs filled, we took a train down to Marina Bay Sands because Dennis wanted to see The Collider exhibition at Art Science Museum. To be honest I wasn’t keen at all because I don’t have the slightest interest in Physics. And I wasn’t particularly concerned with what atoms are made of! But I was pleasantly surprised that we spent a good 4 hours at the museum!

 I enjoyed the 100-minute video “Particle Fever” as they explained the background behind the world’s greatest science experiment, The Hydron Collider, and how the Higgs particle was found. I was so touched I actually teared! Those Scientists, so passionate in their field of study spoke with so much enthusiasm. They were like “a group of 6-years old whose birthday was next week” as they gathered at the control center, waiting for the first beam (that is, shooting the first beam of particle through the collider). It’s truly an inspiration! I wish everyone find something they really enjoy doing and always push themselves to learn more and do more of what they love! 

Behind me is a TOF (Time of Flight). If I remember correctly, this machine will record the time taken for a particle to travel X distance and from that, they can calculate the mass of the particle. The whole exhibition was a tad too scientific for me but I’m glad enjoyed himself and took lots of photos to share with his engineer friends. 😛 

Ended off the day at IKEA because we wanted to get some ideas for our new home as well as to buy Trofast box to make our own hydroponics system! Shall share more about our urban gardening adventures soon!

Have a great weekend!


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