I’m sure that most of you (Singaporeans) have already received the package regarding your SkillsFuture credit that the government has given to all of us aged 25 and above.

Honestly I was pretty excited when I first heard about it because there are quite a few interesting courses such as baking, early childhood, and gardening which I’m keen in! I’m hoping to find something that Dennis and I are both keen in then we can sign up together. What’s even better is that the credits don’t expire, and the government will provide periodic top-ups to your SF account so that you can save up to go for more expensive courses.

It’s very simple to navigate. Just go to and search for courses which you may be interested in, for example ‘Baking’ and you will return 12 results. However I would suggest that you search using the Course Directory so you can see more courses. For instance, if you search by ‘Baking’ you would not be able to find the bread-making course.

Just wanted to share this piece of information and hopefully more Singaporeans will sign up for courses as part of your life-long learning process! Never too old to learn something yeah! 😉

Happy hump day by the way. Have a good one! 🙂

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