Christmas Cards 2015

Popping in today to share the Christmas cards I made this year! Well they are mostly gift tags because I was running out of time and I realized that with cute images from Lawn Fawn, I didn’t need to do much embellishments! Hence I made gift tags which was perfect to hang them onto my gifts!

1. AK Family

From a group of 10 girls, we have now expanded to a family of 16! I’m so blessed and thankful to have each of them in my life.

We had potluck and Dennis was very excited about preparing starters. I must say they taste pretty awesome! 😉 Pictured below is macadamia, cherry with brie on crackers. We also made some with tomatoes and gouda. Yum yum!

20151219 xmas120151219 xmas320151219 xmas920151219 xmas10aAK xmas 2015 01

2. Shingzers girlfriends

It’s been a really long time since we last took a group photo and I’m glad for this picture this year! Beautiful mummy (once again) Sha is expecting her second baby! 😀 so happy for her!!

20151211 Swensens a.jpgshingzers xmas 2015

3. Sisters

I love our annual Christmas tradition of getting gifts for everyone. Including cutie Clarisse and not forgetting my 2 fav kiddos, who are not so little anymore! I really miss Davian & Claudette and it warms my heart to see how fast they have grown.

20151228 xmas 3akids xmas 2015sisters xmas 2015

4. Colleagues

Because of our never-ending re-orgs, I seem to have lots of bosses and be in a lot of teams all at once. So I decided to make tags for my core team only. For the others, I also gave them gift boxes but without personalized gift tags. I have just too many colleagues! You can see how many colleagues I have by the amount of gifts received. 😛

citi xmas 2015 02citi xmas 2015 03

5. New friends found – Jerms and Pammy

Very thankful to have met them this year. Jerms is actually Gab’s WTB but I only got to know her better this year. Super nice and friendly girl! Pammy is RY’s girlf and I’m really happy we all get along really well. Cheers to many more years of Scouty friendship! 😀

scouts xmas 2015 01

Thanks for reading and do follow me on instagram if you haven’t (@arohammer)! 😉


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