New bicycle

Dennis bought me a new bicycle the other day and it got delivered today. Yes, everything can be ordered online and they have free delivery right to your doorstep! Gone were the days when you have to spend a day at the mall just to buy one thing. Hehe. 

So after our full day Scout meeting today, we went home to fix the bike (it’s a foldable one) and test it out! 

This is my happy face because I love cycling and I have never owned a bicycle before. Well I guess we do have a family bicycle when I was very young (probably 17 years ago) but that’s technically not mine. Haha. Now I have my own!! And it’s a white one with brown (faux) leather seat! Super pretty! And it only costs less than $200 which is pretty reasonable. My neighbour also commented it’s a beautiful one and very affordable too! 

Alas! The careless me hit my foot on a concrete slab while doing my test ride down the street and got myself a bruised toe! 😦


Dennis snapped this photo because he was very excited to practise his first aid skills on me. Haha. The pain was immense when I first got injured. And he actually used 70% alcohol to clean the bleeding wound.

Wuah wuah wuah!! There were tears in my eyes!!

But after we cleaned the wound and wrapped in gauze, I told Dennis I want to continue! Lol! I’ve got such an attitude sometimes. He made me put on socks and sneakers before we head out again. This time we took turns cycling around the neighbourhood and it was lots of fun! I can’t wait to ride my bike to run errands like going to the supermarket or library! It’s awesome! 😀

Thank you baby! :*


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