Year in Review 2015

Haven’t done these kind of posts in the longest time and I thought I would do a quick one since I failed terribly at Project Life this year! I want to be able to look back at PL pages or blog posts to see how far I’ve come and to reminisce the good old days! 😀

Here goes, my top 5 memories of twenty-fifteen!

1. The proposal

I know I have been rather hush-hush about the proposal. There was no mention of it at any social media platforms and my friends and family know about it through F2F meet-ups and WhatsApp messages. It was a simple proposal at our first family trip (sans Jie) to Batam. There was a little bit of drama though, because I had an accident just minutes before he decided to pop the question. So I always joked that I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I accepted. Lol.

Unfortunately I’m not able to find photos from the day so I shall share sneaks of my scrap pages. I will blog about this in a separate entry soon! 🙂

Batam 1501bBatam 1502d

We have also since arranged for Dennis’ parents to meet my dad and it went really well (thank goodness)! Read about it here. 🙂

2. Vietnam, Hanoi trip

A short getaway to Hanoi because I read so much awesomeness about Sapa that I want to experience it myself! Indeed it was an eye-opener. The people, the culture, and the scenery made it a wonderful and memorable trip! I blogged about day 1 here, but I will soon continue with the rest of the days!


3. Australia, Perth pre-wedding photoshoot

It was quite an impromptu decision because our main purpose of going Perth was to attend Kor’s engagement. However things got in the way so we decided to go for a fun and casual shoot.

Bells Rapids 1Bells Rapids 2Lancelin

I was also very happy to be able to meet up with Ade! So glad I crossed paths with this amazing girl. It’s a tad sad that things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped for but I guess everything happens for a reason. I’m just thankful to be her friend now! 🙂


4. Taiwan, Taipei trip with Shingzers girlfriends

We have been talking about a girls trip since the day we graduated from school. Then we went to Poly/ JC, then University, and now all of us have been working for a few years. We randomly decided that we have to travel together this year! The time couldn’t be more right, so off we go! Which reminds me, I need to blog about this too. Haha. Way too many backlogs!

Sha is now a mummy of two (toddler Nuh and a sister on the way!) so we didn’t ask her along. I’m really glad this group of girls stuck by my side all these years! 🙂

20150825 - bus320150828 - yehliu12

5. Singapore International Jamboree – Scouting in the Community Day

My biggest, craziest, most hectic event ever! Preparation started months in advance and I’m glad I got to work with some of the most awesome people. Jerms and Pammy are not from Scouts but I’m so lucky they came to help. Plus, my AK family who volunteered their time to assist in this islandwide operation. It does not matter what others do or say about us. What really touched me was that our small team stood up for one another, helped in whatever ways we can, didn’t let ourselves rest for more than 36 hours because we want to give it our all. That’s the spirit and that’s something I hold close to my heart and will never forget. :’)


I hope your year had been awesome too! Let’s look forward to a bigger, better twenty-sixteen! 🙂

P/s. I’m also on Instagram @arohammer. See ya there!


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