Hydroponic gardening 

Dennis and I were discussing about our new home one day. Yes, we’re beyond excited that our BTO flat will be ready next year! I will write a post about our BTO process soon. Actually there are plenty of blog posts about it but I just wanted to share ours. 

Initially we planned to have a work living room. That is, we will divide the living room in half and each of us will have our own working space. Currently this is what I have at home. My living room is my working space as my family does not have the habit of watching TV together in the living room. We are very much independent creatures. Haha. I guess Dennis also likes the idea since we both spend a lot of time on our hobbies. Me – crafting, and the man – tinkering with parts like all Engineers do. 😛 But it somehow dawned on me that I want the living room to be clean, spacious, and clutter-free. I want to invite friends over to my house for parties, get-togethers or random games session. It’s too unsightly to have clutter lying around the living room. I’m sure those who have a hobby will agree with me that you simply cannot have a ‘clean’ work desk. At least not for a crafter! 

So we decided we shall keep our living room minimal! Preferably with lots of blank space! And we will try to build a hydroponic garden near the window sills! How cool would that be right?? I want to have my own edible herb garden, and possibly grow some greens too. This idea got Dennis very excited and he immediately went to buy a hydroponic kit. Now we’re in the testing phase to see how successful we are in growing some herbs. 

His germination process! By the second day, the seeds under his care started splitting.   

These are mine. Black round seeds on the left and some beige ones on the right. To be honest I have no idea what plant they are, so only time will tell. The beige seeds were given by my colleague for Christmas! No signs of growth after 2 days. They might be a little lazy. Haha.  

I will update when the seeds have spouted! Wish us luck! 😉


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