Black Friday 2015

Every year I look forward to Black Friday because I know I can score some really awesome deals! I also try to spend less in October just so I can save up some moolahs!

This year I placed 3 orders after thinking long and hard and I keep telling myself that I don’t need the other stuff :/

  1. Crafted Van
    Link here
    I came across their adorable bookmarks while surfing Instagram one day and was inspired by the 2 girls from Vancouver running their small business, making handmade bookmarks. In a way I’m very much like them. In between a full-time job, household chores, spending time with the Mister, I also juggle my small business Dancing Quinn Shop on Etsy. Hence major kudos to Crafted Van! Check them out because I’m sure you can’t resist cute magnetic bookmarks.
  2. Altenew
    Link here
    I own 3 stamp sets from Altenew and I am simply blown away each time I play with them because they make the layered flowers look so real! The Black Friday sale was a great time for me to purchase coordinating dies because I’m not good at fussy cutting and sometimes lazy too! 😛
  3. Happie Scrappie 
    Link here
    Sam from Happie Scrappie is one super mama. From a small home business, she has made it big and even has various monthly subscription kits now! I’m truly a big fan of Happie Scrappie because Sam is such an inspiration! She takes care of a baby and a toddler and still manages to churn out thousands of kits each month. Needless to say her Black Friday sale was awesome at 50% discount so I took the chance to grab her self-designed items. I have been following Sam since the day she was crocheting and making sequin pockets. From scrapbooking to Project-Life, and now to planner kits.

That’s all for my Black Friday haul. It’s really not a lot right?? Scrappy friends gotta help and support one another, and we need to keep the economy moving yeah? 😉


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