Getting things in order

It has been more than a month since I last blogged and I missed this personal space so much! November was a whirlwind of events, with Scouting in the Community as one of my biggest projects yet. I’m glad to contribute to this meaningful event as part of the Scout movement, and even happier knowing that we reached out to the community and impacted the lives of many, directly or indirectly. I also casually mentioned a few times that this would be my last year being so active in the movement. It’s time to let the young people take over. It’s a little emotional as I think about it because it feels like 10 years ago. When Kathy and I were being “kicked out” of Girl Guides in our school. We fought so hard, cried so much, and bonded over the whole incident. I’m so thankful that AK became a huge part of my life. I even activated some of them for this Scouting in the Community day and they willingly contributed in the best ways they can. Thank you girls! :’)

Dennis and I also went to Perth last month. It was supposed to be a short trip to attend Kor’s engagement party. But Dennis had NS duties and couldn’t go. So we delayed our trip by a week and decided to have a mini DIY pre-wedding photoshoot instead. It was an adventurous one! We almost had to stay at the desert overnight because our car got stuck in the sand and there was literally not a single soul there! :O I will probably blog a separate entry on the trip. Which reminds me – I have yet to conclude my Hanoi trip and Taipei trip. Ermegawd! I shall aim to do them very soon!

On the work front, our team has been overwhelmingly busy. With year end approaching, we need to finalise our budget for 2016 and there are endless revisions instructed by the different stakeholders. I’m thankful for a helpful core team of ladies in my team. 🙂

And because of all the above commitments, plus weekly household chores, I really am left with not a lot of time for crafting. It is still my number one hobby although I’m struggling to find time to do it. I’m also thankful that business at Dancing Quinn is inching upwards day by day. I shall touch on this in the near future and hopefully share some tips with like-minded people who wants to start a small business too. It is not easy, but definitely worth it. So cliche but it’s true! Sales at Etsy and Carousell is progressing well this year and I’m working very hard to bring more awesome stuff to people. Stay tuned for updates! 

Hope you have had plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. Sending warmest wishes and hugs wherever you are reading this from! (: 


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