The juggler

Is it possible to feel so worn out juggling multiple things at once, yet feel so satisfied at how productive you can be?

I may only be one person. But I am one person who can make a difference. 

Currently on my plate:

  • 7 projects for the upcoming Jamboree + helping Dennis with his 3 – the endless coordination with partners, updating project schedules, finding people who can help us next month, and the list goes on. 
  • Dancing Quinn small business – making more cards, listing new items on Etsy and Carousell, packing and mailing orders. 
  • Perth trip – since the main focus of the trip is our photoshoot, we have to ensure all the props are ready, our attire, and the shoot locations. Because we are not engaging any bridal agency or photoshoot package, practically everything is DIY. I love it though!

Very fortunate that things at the work front is looking peaceful. The next round of financial revision is being put on hold, which means I can breathe. 🙂

Let’s do this! 2015 will end with a blast!


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