It all went well

Yippee I’m so glad the meet-the-parents session went well! It didn’t start on the right note though, because dad and I were late. And to top it off, we got lost after we alighted from the MRT. Dad had assumed that I know the place well enough to bring him there. He should’ve known his daughter is the only Scout with poor sense of direction right? Lol.

I got helpless when we walked on and on until we reached the next MRT station. Immediately I knew something was not right, called Dennis and he told us to stay put while he came out to look for us. It was quite funny because we realised the restaurant isn’t at the road it was supposed to be, but the address seem to say so. #confusionmuch?

All through lunch, dad and Dennis’ parents were chatting about travel. Glad there was a common topic! With regards to marriage and the wedding, my dad was super nonchalant and left everything to us. Haha. See? Told you, best dad!

Food at the restaurant was satisfying, so we are more or less holding our solemnisation there. We might try one other alternative in case something screws up. We’re not gonna have a wedding banquet – yay! This will save us so much hassle and planning! 😀

Movie date after lunch, it’s been so long since we last watched. The movie Pan, was average. I liked the special effects though, when there were looking at memories through the water and wood. Thought that was pretty interesting!

And dinner date at Miam Miam! My long awaited pancakes!

Dennis had curry rice which was too overpriced in my opinion. 😦

Yep, this is my dinner and dessert! 😀


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