Why my dad is the best

1. Mid-autumn festival (a.k.a. mooncake festival) just passed. It was on August 15th of the lunar calendar (September 27th on our usual roman (?) calendar). I bought a piece of mixed nuts mooncake for my dad, knowing that he likes it. I was early and bought it about a week before the actual day. However, dad did not even open the mooncake and kept it in the fridge. On the morning of mid-autumn, I saw that he took it out of the packaging and plate it, and place on the altar. He was offering it to our late mummy. I was so touched. (‘:

2. At the dinner table, I was having a conversation with dad about travelling and he was looking forward to his next trip with his siblings (cousins). A few days ago, one of my maternal aunts shared with him her latest trip to Croatia. Dad remarked: “I hope to go back to Europe one day too. I promised your mum that we will return when we retire. But now I don’t get the chance…” I know my dad worked and saved so hard to give my mum a good life. Alas, the dreaded disease took her away. 😦

3. We are going for a meet the parents lunch tomorrow (read previous post here). Dad said: “is it ok that I dress in t-shirt and jeans? I don’t have fancy formal attire because your mum used to buy them for me.”

Through it all, I know my dad is the greatest man in the eyes of his daughter. I’ve heard many stories of infidelity, some of which are happening to my friends’ parents. And I am eternally grateful for a father who not only loves his children, but also never forgets his late wife. Love you dad!

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