Meet the parents

This weekend Dennis’ parents and my dad are going to meet for the first time! Well I Guess they have met on a few other ocassions but they barely exchanged a few words. So this weekend we are going to have a proper meal, all sitting around one table. I’m kind of nervous I don’t know why. Even though his parents are really nice people and my dad, he’s just the best. I don’t think there is gonna be any politics going on, neither any pretence. Maybe I’m just afraid of the awkwardness. Ah well let us worry when the time comes.

At times like this I wish I wouldn’t grow old so then I wouldn’t have to go through adult stuff like meet the parents and discussing marriage details and the wedding day. 

On a cheerful note, here’s a picture of us!


That’s my boy looking very suave on his way to a friend’s wedding. While I literally pale in comparison. Heh!


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