Baby steps to the big day

Previously I mentioned that I dread the Big day, the day where all girls are the prettiest in the world. Not gonna delve into the why’s for now but let’s just say I’m very thankful for Dennis. (‘:

Over the weekend we decided to meet for brunch since we haven’t been eating out in a long while. I only meet him once a week and it’s usually dinner cooked by his mum or just at a neighbourhood coffee shop. We had awesome pasta and waffles with ice cream! That certainly satisfied our sweet tooth. 

After brunch we had 2 tasks planned for the day. One, to get my ring size. Two, get me contacts for the first time! Yikes at age 27 I haven’t wore contact lenses before! #shameonme 

And all these were for our trip next month! We’ve booked tickets to Perth to visit Dennis’ brother and fiancée but we also randomly decided to take our engagement photoshoot there. More about that in my future posts. 

I’m pleasantly surprised how convenient it was to look for wedding bands as all the jewellery shops are situated side by side in the mall. We managed to get our ring sizes in the first shop as we tried on wedding bands. It was also timely for us to look for a pair and get a sense of the price range for our budgeting plan next year. Gasp! Our house will be coming and our wedding. Two major expenses! ):

These are some catalogues we brought back. I must say that service at Poh Heng was top notch! Not only did the sales lady attend to us very promptly, she was also very friendly and patient. She also gave us a ‘wedding planner’. Love their attention to detail! And almost all the shops we went to served us hot tea. Wow! What an experience! 

We shortlisted a few designs and noted their prices. Since we already have in mind the kind of wedding bands that we like, it should be an easy to-do next year!

Then we went to our optician to get daily lenses for me. Productive weekend! (:

Thankful that Dennis initiated all these. I’m counting my blessings as we approach the big day, day by day. 

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