Colourful wishlist

Can’t believe it! We’re in the last quarter of twenty-fifteen! October just crept in so silently and so suddenly. Gee!

Anyway, this means we’re about 2.5 months away from my birthday! And Christmas just a week later. I’m so looking forward because December is my favourite month, yet pretty anxious that time is not ever gonna stop! Just the other day I was surfing Instagram and realized I really wanted some Tombow dual brush pens. Coincidentally my brother is also artsy (not necessarily crafty) so he mentioned that he wanted to try out these Tombow pens as well. I asked around and came to the conclusion that it was not available locally and most get theirs on Amazon. So I tried Amazon but you needed to chalk up a certain amount for free international shipping. I almost always refuse to pay for shipping when there is a ‘free’ option. Hehe. #sosingaporean

Then I realized I could get free shipping if I ordered the big-ass set of 96 colours.


Say whatttttt? Brush pens heaven!! 😛

Now I wish someone would read this and gift this for my birthday or Christmas present.

Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind some Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens as well. I’ve heard pretty good reviews and this 60-pc set would be perfect for my crafty stationery stash!


Or what about Copic markers?!!! I have a handful of Copic Ciao markers, acquired from all over the place. I first got my hands on them when I went to Taiwan 2 years ago. I didn’t bring enough money so I only bought 4 colours. Plus, I didn’t know if I’d like them. Turns out, yes I do! So I bought a few more from fellow scrappy friends who were destashing theirs. Now I have about 10 colours but it would be awesome to have more.


Alrighty, that sums up my birthday/ Christmas wishlist this year. Hehe. Happy Friday guys! 😀


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