Is it the hormones?!

I’m feeling rather down lately. Even though nothing bad or negative is happening to me, I just feel moody about everything. I blame it on the hormones. Haha. Hopefully things will start looking up soon!

In other news, I have started accepting customised cards orders again! I stopped for a couple of months because work demanded so much of me. I hardly had time to eat, much less craft. To give you a background, my day job is a financial analyst in a bank and we are in the midst of 2016 budget planning cycle. During this annual cycle, there is always too much to do and too little time. Just a fortnight ago, my team had to work till 3am. Gee! Thankfully this only happens once a year. 

Anyhow here is a peek at what I’m creating for my customer. Hope she likes it!

She requested for a travel themed card for a friend’s wedding!

I love how weddings have a theme these days. Can’t wait for my friends to tie the knot too! 🙂


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