Hazy days

So these days have been rather hazy, with PSI hitting above 300 that all Primary schools and Secondary schools had to be closed last Friday. 

Thankfully we have a stash of N95 masks at home from the bad haze 2 years ago. Then, it was an island-wide scramble for N95 masks because the haze peaked at 400. You could smell the burn in the air. It was so bad! After I purchased a box of N95 masks, the haze seemed to have subsided so there was no use for them. Now I have to carry one in my bag at all times in case the PSI suddenly rise to unhealthy levels.

Anyway a random thought popped into my head this morning as I whipped out my mask and was ready to go to work. 

What if the trees that are being chopped down and burned in Indonesia, are being used to make N95 masks? What an irony it would be!

Haha sometimes I amuse myself. 


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