Day trip to Johor Bahru

So Dennis and I had been planning to cross the causeway to Johor Bahru for the longest time. 2 years ago we went to the mall – City Square JB, and we were stoked at the low prices and wide variety of things to buy so we were certain we’d be back. Little did we know, the next time is 2 years later. Haha. I’ve decided to blog a little recount about our day trip and hopefully you find it useful!

Note: the current exchange rate is SGD 1 to MYR 2.97 so I’ll be using this to convert the prices.

We boarded bus 950 from Woodlands interchange at 12pm. Crossed Malaysia customs at 1.40pm after waiting about 1 hour at the customs. Check out the seemingly never-ending queue!

File 13-9-15 4 50 11 pm

Had lunch at Sakae Sushi. We ordered:

  • Kimchi seafood kaizen
  • Shishamo
  • California hand roll
  • Cheese maki (blue plate)
  • Topshell sushi (red plate)
  • Fried salmon head (red plate)
  • Hot green tea

Total bill came up to MYR 63.10 / SGD 21.25 (after 1 for 1 discount for red plate item – it was a promotion for using Citibank credit card)

Next we went to Guardian to get a bottle of 1.5l water. I have to drink lots of water everyday else I’ll end up with a migraine the next day. Dennis got Gillette shaver and I also got a pack of Eclipse.

  • 1.5l water MYR 1.98 / SGD 0.67
  • Gillette shaver MYR 28.48 / SGD 9.59
  • Eclipse MYR 5.28 / SGD 1.78

Now off to shopping! 2 years ago I bought my iPanema slippers at JB and it had served me well. Now the sole has worn off so I thought I’d buy a new pair! Got my iPanema slippers at Royal Sporting House at MYR 49.90 / SGD 16.80. Super good price!

Popped by H&M to see if the prices are good. Indeed much cheaper than Singapore! I wasn’t in the mood for clothes shopping (in fact I haven’t shopped for clothes and bags in the longest time). Dennis bought a pack of trunks at 3 for MYR 59.90 / SGD 20.17.

Pit stop at Beans Talk to rest our feet. We also walked around to see if there were any shoes. Dennis was looking for a pair of plain black Converse for his upcoming work at F1 race and I was looking for a pair of heels for my photoshoot. We had Mixed Q Balls with grass jelly at MYR 8.40 / SGD 2.83.

Even though we were both super full, Dennis wanted to grab a cup of Gong Cha. We have sweet tooth and cannot resist any dessert! /: We had oolong milk tea with brown sugar (supposedly new flavour?) at MYR 6.50 / SGD 2.19. For the normal oolong milk tea, it was only MYR 5.50 / SGD 1.85!

Decided to walk around a bit more to see if we can find cheaper alternative for Dennis’ shoes as the one we saw at Converse was retailing at MYR 159 / SGD 53.54. Not exactly the cheapest. Then we saw a 99% similar one at Everlast! Dennis was super happy as it was only MYR 89.90 / SGD 30.27! It was a MYR 70 savings (approx SGD 23 cheaper! Wow!) We love cheap thrills. Haha.

But we later saw more options at Innercity level 3. Presumably a new section of the mall which sells lots of teenager clothes and shoes. The same Everlast pair was retailing at MYR 79.90 / SGD 26.90. Oh well!

Now my favourite part! Stationery shopping at Popular and MPH! Do you know that you can use your Popular membership card in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong? Cheers to cheaper stuff plus discounts! Yay!! All in all I spent MYR 56.15 / SGD 18.91.

Best buy was a pack of black Sharpie markers at MYR 11.99 / SGD 4.04 (approx SGD 1 per marker)!

File 13-9-15 4 52 36 pm

Just to compare the different Sharpie tips:

File 13-9-15 4 53 14 pm

I have a Sharpie pen which I bought in Singapore at SGD 2.25. Imagine the difference in prices? And yes, Dennis and I are quite the Sharpie fans! :p

Dennis was amazed at this 0.05mm pen from Uniball! To put things in perspective, a strand of hair is about 70 microns (0.07mm) but this pen is even finer! I’m not sure why you need such fine tip pen for but he was clearly excited! Lol.

File 13-9-15 4 52 11 pm

We went to MPH next, which is just directly one floor down from Popular. I spotted this adult colouring book section and was immediately drawn to the Secret Paris book! Adult colouring books are super trendy right now and it seems like all the crafty ladies need to own at least one! I wasn’t very impressed at the designs that were very popular among many ladies (including Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest). The illustrations just doesn’t seem to appeal to me. But when I saw a copy of this Secret Paris, I was sold! Cutesy illustrations with a wide variety of images from clothes to food to make-up to buildings. Love it!! Had to buy. Especially at an awesome price of MYR 32.90 / SGD 11.08.

File 13-9-15 4 52 57 pm

Also bought my heels at Fabiano Ricco. I was already eyeing a few pairs at Taobao and the average price was CNY 100 before shipping. We figured it was better to buy at JB since I could try and see the actual colour of the heels. Super happy that we spotted something we like and bought it at MYR 89.90 / SGD 30.27. Very affordable considering that shipping a pair of heels from China would not be cheap as well.

Very satisfied that we managed to buy everything we came here for, we decided to have dinner first before buying mooncakes (last stop). We were eyeing this shop – Arashi Shabu Shabu since we passed by 2 years ago and finally we are back to try. The waiting time is pretty long considering the place is small and the number of staff are quite limited. But the service is really good and ingredients are fresh.

We had:

  • Seafood and meat combo MYR 32.90 / SGD 11.08
  • Aburage pickles MYR 5 / SGD 1.68
  • NZ beef slices MYR 7.90 / SGD 2.66
  • Spurting pork meatball MYR 6.90 / SGD 2.32
  • Warm water x2 MYR 2 / SGD 0.67
  • Towel x2 MYR 1 / SGD 0.34

File 13-9-15 4 51 53 pm

Total bill came up to MYR 64.85 / SGD 21.84 (after 10% service charge and 6% GST). I guess the next time I would ask for the pickles, water and towel to be removed. Hehe. #sosingaporean

Last but not least, we purchased some mooncakes as we already sampled most of them earlier in the day. Most of them are local brands, of course you would not find hotels here but the mooncakes are surprisingly good!

File 13-9-15 4 51 18 pm

My family is not a mooncakes fan so I only bought 1 piece for my dad. Brand is Tong Ah Cake House. He’s diabetic and can’t really have sweet stuff but I know he would love the mixed nuts one. Single piece costs MYR 18.20 / SGD 6.13. Very affordable because I know Singapore sells them for typically SGD 12 to SGD 16 per piece.

Also got a small flaky yam piece for my dad to try, and I love yam too so we can share a small one. Small without yolk is MYR 6.20 / SGD 2.09. They have no preservatives so can only last for 3 days.

We also bought a box of 4 big flaky yam with single yolk for Dennis’ parents. It was only MYR 64.80 / SGD 21.81. Omg you can never get this price in Singapore! We tried about 5 different brands for flaky yam mooncakes and we like Tong Ah the best. You can taste the real yam (like oh-nee) and it’s not too sweet as well.

So happy with our shopping and feasting day! 😀


2 thoughts on “Day trip to Johor Bahru

  1. Hi, where did you find the sharpie pens in Singapore? I have searched high and low and was only able to find the markers!

    Appreciate if you could share where to get the pens!


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